International Industrial Visits aim to provide exposure to students who will gain knowledge and first-hand opportunity to visit industries, universities, manufacturing units, sea port and airport in economies like Dubai, Singapore, etc. International Industrial Visits provide exposure to students at global level which enables them to learn the cross cultural management practices, comparative analysis of the business phenomenon and opportunities in various countries. These visits act as a catalyst for students to acquire practical insights of the real-time business environment.

We at RGCMS have arranged International Industrial Visits in Singapore:- Tiger Brewery, NEWater Plant, Real Estate Firm (Lum Chang).

Dubai:- Utmost Building Materials LLC,A Guest Lecture in Middlesex University, Dubai.


A.Y. 2023-2024

Objective of Activity:

To learn operations functions and overall management at various companies, while experiencing the social and cultural aspects of the visited place.


  • The IV committee organized an international industrial visit in collaboration with Trusty Travels.
  • Visited Industries: SR Packaging Industry LLC, VITAL Factory LLC.
  • The trip spanned 5 days and included visits to 2 industries along with various tourist destinations.
  • Students actively engaged by asking questions and receiving answers during the visits.
  • The visit not only enhanced their understanding of management functions but also instilled a sense of social awareness, team cohesiveness, leadership, and management skills among the students.
  • Correlates with Program Outcomes PO1, PO2, and PO4.


A.Y. 2019-20

In academic year 2019-20, we arranged an international industrial visit to Dubai. We visited Utmost Building Materials LLC and attended a guest lecture at Middlesex University. Apart from this we also visited the famous tourist attractions in Dubai.


In academic year 2018-19, we arranged an international industrial visit to Singapore. We visited Tiger Brewery, NEWater Plant and Real Estate Firm (Lum Chang). Apart from this we also visited the famous tourist attractions in Singapore.