Rajeev Gandhi College of Management Studies (RGCMS) was established in 2009. RGCMS is located at Ghansoli, Navi Mumbai with 3.5 Acres land including built up area of 1986 Sq. Mtr. to provide state of art infrastructure and learning resources. It is designed to provide an excellent ambience for academic activities.


RGCMS computer lab is equipped with workstations networked with unlimited internet access as an integral part of the rich resourceful learning facilities at our Institute. The entire campus is enabled with Wi-Fi facility allowing the students and other users to access the knowledge databases from anywhere in the campus. Students are encouraged to make the most of the facility provided to them for practical, academic research, presentations, preparations for interviews and studies.

Class Rooms

Classrooms are designed for interactive learning, enabling students to engage directly with professors. Equipped with audio-visual facilities, including BENQ projectors and speakers, to augment traditional teaching methods. Integration of technology like educational videos, online resources, and interactive software enhances learning experiences. Facilities include 4 furnished classrooms/tutorial rooms, equipped with whiteboards, noticeboards, air conditioning, and latest presentation tools. Integration of technology in traditional classrooms makes learning interesting. Availability of technology-based classrooms helps to render concepts through videos and other online resources. Institution classrooms are well equipped with adequate audio-visual facilities to help students. Our Classes and Seminar halls are fully furnished and air conditioned, with a capacity of 80-100 students.


Seminar Hall

Boys Common Room

To provide a stress-free and private space for the boys, the institute has made provision of a well-ventilated and illuminated Boys Common Room.Boys utilize this space in a fruitful way by reading and exploring their gadgets during their leisure time. The room is effectively used by the boys to recreate themselves and to share a bond of friendship with virtues.

Girls Common Room

The Campus has established a spacious and comfortable common room, which is in college main building. This space has been designed to give female students a place to relax, study, have discussions in free time available.


There is a modest but adequate canteen which provides nutritious food and beverages at subsidized prices. The canteen gives importance to hygiene with reference to the preparation, storage and serving of food.