The student welfare committee shall review the conditions that contribute to the academic success, personal development and well-being of students.


  • To execute RGCMS Student Welfare Policies (Ex: Scholarship, Earn while learn etc)
  • To co-ordinate with various committees for student development programs (Ex: Arrange Psychological Counseling seminars and one-on-one) For example:
    • Special programs for differently abled students (With coordination Office and Admin Committee)
    • Student counseling for academically weak (with coordination with APRC)
    • Economically Backward Students (With coordination Office and Admin)
    • Reserved Category Students (With SC/ST committee)
    • Troubled students (with Coordination with Mentors / APRC)
  • To promote various schemes (Government / semi-government) for development and betterment of students
  • To work in collaboration with APRC and T&P committee to award reward / felicitate significant achievements of the students.
  • To ensure that all students are covered by Student Group Insurance
  • To help students in finding hostels

Group Insurance Info

We at RGCMS, provide Group Insurance Policy for our students. Our student and their safety is of prime importance to us.

In the event of contingencies, the student is covered with a sum assured of Rs.2,00,000/-.

Code of Conduct

i] Discipline: All the students are expected to maintain strict discipline within and outside the classrooms, workshop, library, laboratories and to observe the rules prescribed from time to time, they are also expected to show politeness and courtesy of speech, as well as observe cleanliness of dress. Any reported or observed objectionable conduct within or outside the institution on the part of the student would make him/her liable for disciplinary action.

ii] Dress and Appearance: All students must conform to the requirements of formal dress and appearance as required by the Institution.

      a] Students with any undesired hair style or dressing style, which is considered not in harmony with the environment, are not allowed to enter the premises or remain in the campus.

      b] No student shall wear improper dress like knee high skirt or Short & short shirt or low neck shirts.

      c] Students should be neatly dressed and it should not be inconvenient for carrying out practical etc.

iii] Disturbance by irrational playing of instruments: No radio, transistor, tape recorder, mobile phones or musical instruments are permitted to be played in the campus. Any student found in possession of these instruments is liable for disciplinary action.

iv] Smoking Prohibition: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the class rooms and college premises.

v] Care of equipment and furniture: Severe penalty will be imposed when a student is found mishandling furniture or equipment, writing on walls or causing damage to the building or property of the institution.

vi] Breach of Discipline: Any student who is persistently insubordinate of repeatedly or willfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractice in connection with the examination or has committed any act of serious indiscipline or misbehavior or who, in the opinion of the Director has adverse influence on his fellow students may be expelled permanently or removed from the rolls for a specified period by the Head of Institution.

vii] Identity Cards: Immediately after enrolment students of all courses should furnish three passport size photographs {6 cm x 5 cm] of front pose, one of which will be used on identity card. The identity card should be kept with the student and should be produced whenever demanded. A fee of Rs. 100/ will be charged for the issue of duplicate card.

viii] Attendance: Attendance means attending all classes tutorial and practical in accordance with the schedule on all working days of the Institution. Absence for valid reason must be reported to the Head of the Department. As per University norms attendance should be minimum 75 % for theory and 100% for practical. Students will be given warning for tinier low attendance through notice boards. If they fail to improve in attendance, they will be detained from appearing in the examinations, production of medical certificates and related documents will not compensate for the shortage of attendance. Parents are advised to see that their wards attend the classes regularly.

ix] Forming Association: No Society or association may be formed nor any union be made in the Institution without the prior permissions of the Management.

x] Participation Elsewhere: No students of this institution who is on the rolls of the institution can play or participate in any game or any cultural activity in any other institution except with the specific permission of the Director & Management.

xi] Invitation to Outsiders: No one shall be invited to enter the campus or address the students without prior permission from Director & Management.