MMS in Finance

MBA in Finance is all-inclusive and well-rounded as far as the managerial and technical aspects in the financial sector are concerned. It helps to gain skills both in field of finance as well as business that are essential for a gainful career.

After MMS in FINANCE: Graduates will gain knowledge about different financial markets along with the ability to organize, analyze and draw appropriate conclusions from financial information.

Job Opportunities: for eg. Financial analyst, Investment Banker, Financial Portfolio Manager, Taxation officer,etc.

MMS in Marketing

MBA in Marketing provides students with theoretical and practical training to develop the skills to run the marketing branch of a business or corporation. It helps students to learn Branding, Customer Relationship Marketing and Sustainability.

After MMS in MARKETING: Graduates will be equipped with knowledge about recent practices, research and application in the areas of sales and marketing.

Job Opportunities: for eg. Brand manager, Event manager,PR manager, marketing head,etc.

MMS in Human Resource 

MBA in Human Resource has been designed to impart a holistic understanding of the processes and functions of human resource management. It helps to gain skills in field of compensation, planning and understanding Strategic Human Resource Management.

After MMS in HUMAN RESOURCE : Graduates will acquire knowledge to attain long term career goals by implementing principles of human resource management.

Job Opportunities: for eg. HR Generalist,  Trainer, employee consultant, HR Manager,etc.

MMS in Systems / IT 

MBA in Information Systems program is designed to provide the technical expertise and business acumen students need to seek advanced positions in the IT and business sectors. Systems Management is both technical and managerial in nature, essentially involving information management.

After MMS in INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY : Graduates will adapt to advanced and rapidly changing tools and technology of information technology to analyse and solve real time problems.

Job Opportunities: for eg. Software analyst, Software tester, IT coordinator, System Analyst,etc.

MMS in Operations

MBA in Operations management is designed to help students to enter the industry by developing the requisite skill set or to help those already in the industry to widen their knowledge and push on into a business leadership role.

After MMS in OPERATIONS : Graduates will apply methods and integrate practices of operations management in delivering quality products and services.

Job Opportunities: for eg.Logistics manager, QA Manager, QC Manager, Production head,etc.