• To train students to be industry ready and employable by identifying  industry requirements. 
  •  To identify training needs and gaps of the students.  

Functions of Training and Development 

  • To conduct career guidance seminars / workshops / counseling regarding avenues open after graduation. ie. Higher education, placements, or entrepreneurship
  • To identify students who want jobs, pursue higher education or entrepreneurship
  •  To organize training programs as per industry requirements. 
  • To identify students training needs and requirement and train in following
    • Personality Development and soft skills
    • Aptitude
    • Stress Management
    • Coordinate / conduct training as per schedule and academic calendar
  • To organize Pre- Placement Training’s, resume-writing session, mock interviews, GD etc.
  • To ensure that all students prepare resumes in prescribed format.

Policy & SoP

  1. Students need to fill the Placement Assistance Form circulated to them at the beginning of Ist semester.
  2. First Year students need to undergo for eight weeks Summer Internship Project in their respective area of specialization. T&D will help student in identifying and coordinating with industry for their Summer Internship Projects. Students need to fulfil the required process mentioned by company, industry mentor and internal guide at various stages of SIP. 
  3. Students need to read all on online and offline notices circulated by T&P and other committees of College. 
  4. Students need to attend all sessions conducted by T&P-webinars, seminars, workshops, conferences, guest lectures, failing to same will result in debar of student from placement assistance from college.
  5. Students need to send their resume to T&P on email at the beginning of first semester 
  6. A standard format of resume will be provided to the students, Students are required to follow the same format.
  7. Students who fail to submit the resumes shall be deemed not interested in placements. 
  8. Students need to register their names for Summer Internship Project or Final Interview on google form or google sheet only or link provided by the recruiter. 
  9. If student register’s his or her name for Summer Internship Project or Final Placement with company- need to follow all the instructions mentioned by T&P committee/Company. If student doesn’t follow all instructions and appear for interview or selection process will not be allowed for further placement drives till all students gets their placement.
  10. Each student will be eligible for only one offer. 
  11. All correspondence and communication to and from will be routed through T&P only. 
  12. Students are required to follow a formal dress code defined by the Institute at the time of placement selection process. In case any student fails to follow the code he/she may not be allowed to appear for the process. 
  13. Students will not be allowed for placement activities if they are not fulfilling below conditions
    1. Regular attendance and not defaulter
    2. Submission of internals, assignments, class test, presentation for all semesters
    3. If not cleared fees
    4. Applies even if not fulfilling the required criteria mentioned by T&P/Companies 
    5. Misbehaviour/Indiscipline behaviour at campus or off campus activities or during  placement process
    6. Miscommunication or passing wrong information about college activities within or outside stake holders
  14. Students are brand ambassadors of RGCMS, during their SIP, Live Project, seminar, workshops, conferences, guest session and after their placement they have to maintain discipline and follow code of conduct. Noncompliance of the same may result in – not allowing for convocation or withdrawal of offer after communication to HR. 
  15. Students who are not interested in assistance from Placement cell or Final Placement should write a letter to T&P
  16. RGCMS reserves the right to modify, change the policy

Training Calendar

A.Y. 2023-2024:

1. Seminar on “The Future: Trends and Technologies”

This event was conducted on the topic “The Future: Trends and Technologies”. The Resource person was Mrs. Rachna Uppal has 12 years of experience in the field of Education, Healthcare and Human Relations with a strong background in Training and Development currently associated with Netweaver Technovations.


2. Seminar on “New Age Careers”

This event was conducted on the topic “New Age Careers”. The Resource person was Ms. Radhika Ahuja, alumni of IIM Bangalore and working with Cygnus. Speaker discussed the importance of the right attitude required in the corporate world.


3. Webinar