Student body is the voice of the students. Students are encouraged to  conceptualize, coordinate, and manage different activities at the institute, as  well as take responsibility for the execution. All these activities help them to  sharpen their leadership, coordination, managerial skills and improve their  decision-making capabilities and team building skills that leads to holistic  development.


  • To promote participative decision-making process
  • To promote exercising voting rights.
  • To provide students an opportunity to develop leadership.
  • To inculcate self-reliance and boost the confidence among students for their  all-round development. 
  •  To contribute to the total educational and overall growth of all students 


  • To participate in Election / Appointment process approved by policies defined  by CDC.
  • To involve students in various committees for incorporating their ideas.
  • To schedule, organize and execute Student led activities. 
  • To plan and prepare budget for conducting various activities throughout the  year.

SoP of Student Body Election process

  1. Presidents Election
    1. Nominations invited for the post of President from FYMMS through google form
    2. Voting for President by students by google form
    3. Voting for President by Faculty in meeting
    4. Details of Weightage
      1. 50% Students
      2. 50% to faculty
  2. GS Election
    1. President of previous year will be promoted as G.S
  3. Secretary Election
    1. Cultural secretary, Alumni Secretary etc. will be from SYMMS based on previous year performance by Faculty
  4. Joint Sec Elections
    1. For Joint secretary and members in all committees, a sheet will be circulated to all students. They will share their names as per interest
    2. In a Faculty meeting, members will be selected
  5. Dissemination of Roles and Responsibilities
    1. Orientation
    2. Notice for requesting Nomination
    3. Website


Position Name
GS Yadnesh
President Dakshata More
Student representative from FYMMS Meghna Bodolla
Student Lady Representative Pradnya Dilip Kadam
Class Representative Mitali Bhosale
T&P Secretary Bhushan Patil
Dy. T&P Secretary Akhil Kurup
Cultural Secretary Amar Waghmare
Dy. Cultural Secretary Anchal Mishra
Cultural Members Yadnesh, Pallavi Madarkar, Priyanka Gangurde,Akhil, Rashi, Prathamesh, Mitali Bhosale, Manish Sharma, Dhanshri, Prasad, Nilanjan, Ankita Maurya,Ashwini Panchal, Aaditya
Sports Secretary Manish Sharma
Media Secretary Prathamesh Waghmare